• Karma Holistics Branding

    Branding for a holistic CBD company that focuses on tinctures and e-liquids.
  • Graupel Web UI

    Web UI designed for the login/register and profile portions of the Graupel website, a startup focused on custom clothing for women.
  • The Earthy Company

    Complete branding for The Earthy Company, a company that provides essential oils with unique aromatherapy blends. Early Sketches Early Concepts Final Branding & Companion Merchant App […]
  • Graupel UI

    Designs for the login and register portions of the mobile application.
  • The Grind E-Liquid

    For this house e-liquid line, I conceptualized the naming and branding using hand lettered type, and also created all of the copy for each flavor to […]
  • Forbidden E-Liquid

    Forbidden is a house e-liquid line for which I developed all aspects of the branding, including both the hand lettered and illustrated label as well as […]
  • Badlands Brews E-Juice

    Branding and label illustration done for a private label e-liquid company.
  • HiWay E-Liquids

    Initial Sketch Vectorized Logo Final Labels
  • Big Daddy Label Branding

    Initial Sketch Vectorized Custom Made Logotype Final Logo
  • Chef’s Vapor E Juice

    Initial Sketches Final Label
  • Nothing but Cheesecake E-Juice

    Initial Sketch Flavor Artwork Final Labels
  • Routehappy Wi-Fi Report

    Every year, Routehappy releases a report on the Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi. This year, I re-imagined our annual infographic as a report. This report details […]
  • Routehappy Promotional Video

    Promotional Video used to provide an introduction to Routehappy, and how rich content solves the problem of rich content distribution by airlines.
  • Rich Content Integrations

    As a visual designer at Routehappy, I was able to work on different concepts that used Routehappy products to integrate rich content into flight shopping flows. […]
  • Password Reset Flow

    A password reset flow designed for integrators using Pay As You Go on routehappy.com. Flow Wireframes Comps
  • Flight Themed Avatars

    Hand-drawn avatar set for Routehappy Hub, a rich-content platform used by airlines and flight shopping distributors.
  • Error Page Designs

    Hand drawn, flight themed page designs for 4XX and 5XX errors. These are displayed on Routehappy Hub, a platform used by commercial airlines and flight shopping […]
  • Digital Publication: Gallery Guide

    Gallery Guide: Main Street was a digital publication for iPad created in an interaction design class. The publication serves as a guide to the art galleries […]
  • Délice: Fictional Restaurant Branding

    Délice was designed as part of a fictional branding and identity project for a Graphic Design Applications class. Délice was designed in the style of a […]
  • Core Value Wallpapers

    Hand-lettered and digitally rendered desktop wallpapers featuring Routehappy’s core values.