• Error Page Designs

    Hand drawn, flight themed page designs for 4XX and 5XX errors. These are displayed on Routehappy Hub, a platform used by commercial airlines and flight shopping […]
  • Company Collateral

    Different solutions for branded collateral and swag for Routehappy. These designs include hand drawn illustrations as well as hand rendered typography. Kids’ tees        […]
  • Media Upload Animations

    Design solutions for media upload paradigm on Routehappy Hub.      
  • HiWay E-Liquids

    Initial Sketch Vectorized Logo Final Labels
  • Chef’s Vapor E Juice

    Initial Sketches Final Label
  • Core Value Wallpapers

    Hand-lettered and digitally rendered desktop wallpapers featuring Routehappy’s core values.
  • Flight Themed Avatars

    Hand-drawn avatar set for Routehappy Hub, a rich-content platform used by airlines and flight shopping distributors.
  • Nothing but Cheesecake E-Juice

    Initial Sketch Flavor Artwork Final Labels